Share:Model based systems engineering

KONGSBERG is using the LocalHawk project as a test platform for Model Based Systems Engineering (MBSE), funded by Knowledge Based Development Forum (the Research Council of Norway’s User-driven Research based Innovation (BIA) program).

The LocalHawk project is a project that involves different technological disciplines, such as mechanics, electronics, cybernetics, software and image processing. This interdisciplinarity is a challenge, because the technological disciplines use different tools and have their own methodology and "language". Thus, it is even more important for the project members to share a common perception of the system and how the subsystems are linked together.




Information handling is another big challenge. About twenty students are enrolled in the project each summer. Before even starting to develop the UAV, the project members need access to previous years' knowledge and knowhow. With a project duration of seven weeks only, it is crucial to get access to the relevant information fast and easy to start developing the UAV as early as possible.

The MBSE project is based on lean principles, which means spending less time on waste and more time on development. The project work is documented in A3 sheets, rather than in long, written reports. On the A3s you will find the essence of the work, like descriptions of concept choices, functions, equations and algorithms.




LocalHawk uses the new MBSE tool from Dassault Systemès and Technia, which combines the 3D CAD software Catia V6 with the PDM tool Enovia V6. This tool ensures that requirements, product functions, logical functions and physical components are linked together in what we call an RFLP architecture.




We believe a common platform will contribute to a shared understanding of the multidisciplinary tasks in the project. The students will spend more time developing than documenting, and it will be easier to find relevant information for new students and across disciplines.