Space technology and satellite surveillance is in rapid development. STARBURST is the first national, cross-industrial summer project within NewSpace!

In 2017 KONGSBERG and other Norwegian space businesses, in cooperation with NAROM (National center for space related learning)Andøya Space Center, invited top motivated and forward leaning students to compete for 15 summer jobs. The goal was to demonstrate new technologies and system architecture for small payloads and advanced data processing for maritime surveillance from space!

Through 8 weeks of summer job at the various NIFRO-businesses, the students performed their project activities. The project concluded with a 1 week Space Camp at Andøya Space Centre, with release of the STARBURST payload on a stratospheric balloon – while enjoying the midnight-sun and swimming in Arctic Waters! (see video above)

The Starburst project will not be completed in 2018, but we encourage students interested in space activities to apply for summer jobs at one of our space companies (Kongsberg Space Systems, Kongsberg Norspace, Kongsberg Spacetec, Kongsberg Satellite Services).

Participating companies:

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