KONGSBERG’s product range extends from multibeam echo sounders for mapping the seabed at a depth of 11,000 metres to mechanisms for steering solar-cell panels on space probes 36,000 kilometres out in space. As well as offering our employees a working day with interesting challenges, we also provide many benefits. You can read more about these below. 

We have a strong, value-based culture that drives our business performance.Our shared vision defines our direction and what we are striving to achieve. We have four core values that support this vision, that describe what we stand for, our ethical attitudes and what we believe in. Our core values are our foundations; they make us who we are and have formed the basis of our operations for over 200 years. These core values act as guidelines for the way in which we act and work, and characterize our cooperation both within and outside the Group. These values are important for developing a healthy and strong corporate culture and thereby provide a platform for good corporate governance. Read about our values here.


KONGSBERG operates on a long-term and systematic basis in order to create a good and secure working environment for its employees. Being part of a safe and professional workplace is greatly appreciated in business life and helps to generate added value. So in KONGSBERG we are proud to have a working environment that scored high when we measured it against the working environments in the best technology companies worldwide.


In KONGSBERG we want to ensure that our employees maintain a balance between work and leisure time. We therefore have flexible work schemes – for example flexible working hours and arrangements for part-time work.

We also have schemes for maternity, the paternity quota and adoption leave, and for other parental leave and short- or long-term leave for career purposes.

Each company in KONGSBERG has welfare schemes – for instance for mountain and coastal cabins and social events such as the Christmas party and end-of-summer gathering, as well as for subsidised tickets for theatre performances and concerts, company agreements with golf courses and fitness centers, discounts on ski passes, and various company sports clubs.

All our social and welfare schemes are adapted to local conditions and to the needs and wishes of the particular workplace.


KONGSBERG offers its staff a competitive salary system. Pay is differentiated depending on the responsibility and performance requirements of the position and on the employee’s personal experience, competence, proficiency and achieved results.

Share programme

Through our annual share programme, all company employees have the opportunity to purchase a certain number of shares at discount price and with favourable financing.

Pension and insurance schemes

KONGSBERG gives priority to having sound pension and insurance schemes for its employees. We have therefore chosen a very competitive pension scheme based on a defined-contribution retirement pension. We also provide a 65 per cent defined-benefit disability pension. All KONGSBERG employees are members of the national social security system. The KONGSBERG insurance programme is supplementary to this system. It is broad in the sense that employees receive the same coverage regardless of where/how an accident may occur.
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